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eCommerce shipping made easy. Trusted by brands and entrepreneurs for lowest shipping rates. Our mission is to make you more successful online by providing best-in-class fulfillment so your customers get the fast and attordable shipping they expect.

What we offer

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We take your stock, store it. And then pick, pack and deliver it for you automatically. In just a few simple steps, you'll be selling, growing and focusing on the things you enjoy most, with peace of mind that we're taking care or our orders.

end to end order fulfillment

End-to-end fulfuillment

We are an 3PL end-to-end fulfillment provider. What that mean is, you can sit back and relax and we will handle everything related to your order fulfillment. Including free storage space, free inventory management, packaging and much more!


How it works?

There are three simple steps to get on board.

1. Connect: We will get integrated with your website.

2. Store: We will pick products from your office/home, and store your inventory at our fulfillment center.

3. Ship: When your customer place the order, we will ship it from nearest fulfillment center.

how to get onboard with fulfillkaro
reduce shipping cost by using fulfillkaro order fulfillment in Pakistan
lowest cost

Grow your ecommerce business and reduce cost

1. Hassle free shipping, without your involvement

2. Reduce your shipping cost and increase reach

3. Integration with top courier partners.

4. Offering maximum insurance coverage for lost shipments

5. Improve your shipping times


Make your work hassle free &
Grow up your business

Here is how we can provide a superior experience for your customers

    No hidden charges

    We don't charge extra in terms of GST, fuel charges or hidden storage charges.

    Free Inventory Management

    We offer free inventory management and free storage to all of our customers.

    Smart dashboard

    By using our portal, you can check LIVE status of all of your inventory and your daily orders.


    You can scale your business with us, by having our end-to-end 3PL fulfillment services

    Payment Reimbursement

    You can get your payment back within 24 hours, after 3 days or after 7 days. Depending upon volume of your daily orders.

    Support available 24/7

    We will assign you a dedicated sales manager, that will guide you in case of any issue.

    Our company was a startup, so we needed a rock solid fulfillment network to support us, and FulfillKaro enabled us to reach new heights.

    Sara Ali
    CEO, Sanwarna PK
    fulfillkaro order fulfillment in pakistan
    Connect and sync

    Easily integrate with your most important apps

    We will get integrated with your ecommerce platform and when your customer place the order, we will only ship the parcel to that customer, when you mark that order as "Ready to Ship" on your website.

    FulfillKaro also provides free order confirmation services to our customers. Where in, when your order came on your website, we will call and confirm that order from your customer. When your customer give us the confirmation, we will ship that parcel. Although for this service you need to request your sales manager to add this service in your account.

    Get answers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    All of the most frequently asked questions are mentioned below. If you still have any inquire, kindly feel free to use our LIVE chat feature.

    Pricing depends on your number of daily orders and your product type. Our sales representative can guide you properly in this regards. Contact our sales team via LIVE chat.

     FulfillKaro offers the following options for payment returns:

    1. Cash collection
    2. IBFT
    3. Cash deposit
    4. Easypasia
    5. JazzCash

    FulfillKaro warehousing and logistics incorporates state of the art tracking facilities which ensure that no such incident takes place, however, in case of misplacement or damage of consignment, there are no additional charges for insurance and the vendor will be reimbursed the full amount within 72 hours.

    Each vendor will be assigned an Account Manager allowing them to easily get any plausible issues resolved. In addition to this, the vendor can contact FulfillKaro via LIVE chat option available on website.

    After the product is delivered to the customer, FulfillKaro will return the payments within the time frame of 48-72 hours.

    Our web portal incorporates a user-friendly interface that enables all prospective vendors to employ our services using any one of following process:

    • Filling up a form with brand and information details
    • Or you can start LIVE chat with us
    • Or you can forward your details, like your name city name and phone to us via our IG or facebook pages.

    For any further queries please email us at support@fulfillkaro.pk

    The online tracking facility offered by FulfillKaro is comprehensive and efficient, giving both customer and vendor the option to track their orders in real time. A text message will be sent to the customer which includes a link enabling live tracking of the consignment.

    Free Storage →

    You can get free storage space for our brand, regardless of your company's size.

    Payment Reimbursement​ →

    FulfillKaro ensure 24-hours Payment Reimbursement​, if your daily order volume is as per limits.

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